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We need to have volunteers commit to manning the location, Hinderscheit said. I have two main volunteers and a couple more who are just starting, trying to learn the ropes. The 1,800 square foot space is already to home to plenty of cats, and Hinderscheit hosted a meet and greet Saturday to make the community aware that opportunities to adopt pets abound in the region. She says that the new location is not yet at capacity. Were basically covered for 30 beds, so we dont really want to have more than 30 cats in here at a time, Hinderscheit said. That will vary at times because of small kittens that we get in, so sometimes it may be over 30. Hinderscheit also expanded on the reasons she wanted to open the new, cats-only shelter and where most of her animals come from. We want people to see the animals, touch the animals, see how nice they are. We are so excited to be able to rent this space, Hinderscheit said. Most of our animals come from the Devils Lake pound, Spirit Lake, or good Samaritans that take animals in that they really cant keep. TLC-ND has been in operation since 2010, and Hinderscheit has over 10 years of experience at shelters in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Canada. While she doesnt have a firm date when the the Catty Shack will be open to the public on a more permanent basis, Hinderscheit says she wants to spread the word and accommodate those in the market for a rescue cat. We want to be able to have hours during the week where people could possibly come in during their lunch hour, Hinderscheit said. We also want to be able to accommodate people in the evenings. Those interested in adopting a dog may visit the rescues original location at 814 Hwy.

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dog beds

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